Webhook Relay supports authentication on public endpoints and can also send authentication details to the destinations.

Input endpoint authentication

By default webhook endpoints accept incoming requests without authentication. To enable authentication on all public endpoints that belong to a bucket, go to the authentication section:

Then, you can either select "basic" or "token" authentication methods.

Basic authentication

With basic authentication you will need to specify username and password. Unauthenticated requests to bucket's inputs will result in "Unauthorized" error:


The endpoint now expects a request to have 'Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username:password>' header. Tools like curl can help authenticate:

curl \
  --user test-username:test-password \

Bearer (token) authentication

To use bearer token authentication, select 'token' from the authentication menu and set your token value. In this case, to successfully send webhooks, you will need to set 'Authorization: Bearer <your token>' header:

curl \ 
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer very-secret' \

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