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Multipart Form Data

Some services send data in multipart/formdata encoding. Webhook Relay automatically parses this data and presents it to your function code.
Webhook Relay detects multipart/formdata requests and automatically parses them so your function can use it. Parsed form data can be accessed through r.RequestFormData variable. For example if the payload fragment looks like this:
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="username"
Then to get username value (which is John) you will need to:
-- import "json" package when working with JSON
local json = require("json")
-- values can be accessed through 'r.RequestFormData' object. Since
-- there can be multiple values for each key, you also need to
-- specify that it's the first element of the list:
local username = r.RequestFormData.username[1]
local first_name = r.RequestFormData.first_name[1]
-- transforming form data into JSON
local json_payload = {
username = username,
first_name = first_name
local encoded_payload, err = json.encode(json_payload)
if err then error(err) end